About us

About us
JSC "Veikmės statyba" was established in 2005. The company works using innovative construction technologies and materials and has assembled a team of professional construction engineers, technicians and certified construction managers with many years of experience and high qualifications.
Goals and values

Excellence, quality and sustainability are the core values we uphold in our work. Excellence reflects the skills and qualifications of our professionals, while quality reflects the impeccable performance of our construction work and the durability and value of our buildings. We implement sustainable construction ideas by applying construction methods that reflect a harmonious approach to buildings, the cultural and social environment, ecology and sustainability.

Management system

In order to achieve its goals and strategy in the ever-changing construction market, JSC "Veikmės statyba" has implemented and integrated three management systems complying with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.


The company is guided by the above-mentioned standards and the legislation in force in the Republic of Lithuania, and ensures the quality of its services, the safety of its employees and the prevention of environmental damage.