Veikmės Statyba will build a modern business center in Vilnius

March 19, 2018

The company Veikmės Statyba will build a business center in Vilnius in 24 months, most of which has already been leased to SEB. Veikmės Statyba has signed a general contract with Lords LB Asset Management, an investment management company.

“This is a new challenge and another means by which we will have the opportunity to demonstrate the full potential of our team. Customers appreciate us for our ability to implement complex and custom solutions, which will also be used in building a new business center in the capital, “said Viktoras Navickas, Director of Veikmės Statyba.

According to Navickas, the building will feature a special constructive and sophisticated underground area, with the lower parking lot protected from the effects of water. “We will implement rational technological solutions, the main goal of which is to ensure the highest quality of this complicated construction requested by the customer,” he said.

The 12,700-square- metre business center will appear on the right bank of the Neris river, between the National Gallery of Art and the Forum Palace center, so one of the builders’ most important tasks is to maintain architectural integrity.

“We will make every effort to ensure that the business center is given the highest, “Outstanding” BREEAM certificate rating. The building will therefore feature functionality, modernity and other features typical in the structures of today,” said Navickas.

The new project is not the first carried out by Veikmės Statyba under the order of Lords LB Asset Management. The k29 business center built by Veikmės Statyba was chosen as the best commercial project by the Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association in 2016. In that case, instead of prefabricated reinforced concrete, Veikmės Statyba provided monolithic structures. This enabled the use of exceptional architectural solutions to improve the building’s economic performance.

Veikmės Statyba, which belongs to the Axis Industries group, is currently carrying out 11 different general construction projects in five Lithuanian cities. Among the most interesting are the reconstruction of the modern business center Kauno Dokas and reconstruction of Kaunas Vienybės square, below which a parking lot with 500 spaces will be built. The company is currently building a laser production building for Šviesos Konversija, a first module of the German concern Hella, at Kaunas FEZ.

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